Saturday, July 24, 2010

What do we do next?

Bear with me while I recount the major sporting event of the summer so far – (err, in my opinion).

So, I’m playing the 18th at Vilasol in Portugal on Wednesday, holding a 2-point lead over my 15-year old son (and, I might mention, a 3-point lead over Gareth Southgate, but that would only be name-dropping).

Paddy has ripped it 290 yards down the middle, and I’ve squeezed one down the left into a corner where only an heroic 5-wood over a considerable tree gets me anywhere close to the green. I opt for a low running mid-iron for safety, chip (rather well) to 25 feet and 2-putt for a winning 5.

My boy shakes my hand graciously and mutters the congratulatory words, “you’re gay, dad.” Now, putting political correctness to one side for a moment, the inference is not actually that I am homosexual, but that I’m chicken.

I committed the cardinal sin. I played safe. It comes from a combination of modest ability and age. It breeds a healthy fear of risk.

And so to avoid reducing this proposal for a commentators’ website to something too safe to be of any value, I’m asking you ‘what do we do next?’

The initial response (for which I thank all that have responded) has been encouraging without touching tumultuous, but now that me and my peeling forehead are getting back to work, I need your input to move it on.

If you’re sweating on GCSE results, how could media courses in further education become more relevant and beneficial to budding sports reporters?

If you’re now looking for a career in the industry, how easy is it to find worthwhile and rewarding work experience? Where are the traffic jams in the system?

For this idea to amount to anything, it needs you guys to discuss and dissect the problems and possible solutions.

If you think the ‘word’ is worth spreading, spread it – to fellow students, teachers, lecturers, contacts within the industry.

Tell me which doors to knock on. As you may have noticed, I’ve got a loud voice.

It’s my intention to contact universities and colleges – community, hospital and local radio stations – free-sheets, local and national newspapers – in an attempt to construct a forum for networking and audition.

But, as my son will tell you, I’m old and safe and (apparently) ‘gay’. You can hit that 5-wood over the trees. I can’t.

Show me the way.

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  1. Good Afternoon Clive.

    My name is Anthony and I am currently at college studying a sports diploma but not media, once I have finished this course I would like to become a sports journalist. I am not pocessed with the funds to go university but am willing to enter the work experience world to gain knowledge, wondering if you could lend me a helping hand.

    Best wishes