Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch this space

All kinds of people want to be football commentators, and no wonder. Ok, so 17 days after the World Cup final, I am beginning preparations for my next game, but it’s not a proper job, is it? And it is the only one I’ve ever wanted.

My notion to start a website for those interested in commentary and sports reporting has already identified a number of issues and attracted a variety of thought strands. There are those that have got their eyes on my job already, but there are many who simply have a view on what makes for good and bad broadcasting – most of it constructive!

I have contacted various Further Education and careers bodies. There are all kinds of debates going on about the value of media courses, and a lack of work experience opportunities in the industry for anyone who’s not ‘connected’. The site will hopefully provide a forum for these debates and more.

All I ask is that if you feel as though you have something to contribute when we are up and running in the next few weeks that you do so. Use the blog in the meantime. This project is not for me. I’ve already got what I always wanted. It’s for you to make of it what you will – you and your friends, fellow students, lecturers, careers advisors, whoever. Tell them.

I’ve received mails from people aged from 14 to 40 – from people already in broadcasting and those who dream of being employed in the business – the qualified and the unqualified. One of the most fascinating things about sports commentary is that nobody’s opinion really counts for more than anyone else’s (Well, perhaps my boss’s does!).

But one of the best of many pieces of great advice I got from the late, great Reg Gutteridge was "don’t try to commentate to the England manager – your grandma counts as one viewer, just like him – don’t look to impress, just inform."

There is a democracy about a website, and you’ve all got a vote. Use it.

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  1. I think your comment by Reg there is a really important one. I seem to recall a similar quote made by John Motson on a radio show a couple of years ago when speaking about how by being professional you have to keep yourself level headed and not seem like you're talking down to people.

    I am someone interested in sports journalism and having completed a journalism degree am now looking optimistically to the future (unlike the majority of English football fans) as i have some good experience in the industry with my local radio station and 2 local non league football teams. Non League teams are always open for people to get involved with their club so they're a great way for students to get involved and to get a feel of what it's like being a sports reporter. Thanks for the blog Clive.