Thursday, July 15, 2010

To tweet or not to tweet...

I’m not at all sure about Twitter. Facebook is so much more fond and familiar. It is full of people I know, sharing thoughts I recognise - like a home into which I can invite those I like and trust. It’s friendly.

I was persuaded to tweet for the World Cup, as a precursor to sounding out anyone that may be interested in the idea of a website aimed at helping people get a crack at commentary. I only started in late May.

I’d always found the idea of Twitter rather vain – a kind of an online version of the old fan clubs I used to join in my distant youth. I knew I would inevitably attract detractors as well as ‘followers’, but criticism goes with the job. "One man’s commentator is another man’s pain in the backside", as Barry Davies once said.

Even after all these years, I’m a bit spooked by people who are personally abusive towards someone they don’t know from Adam, but it’s a free world. Then there are the smart a***s who go on and on about "that night in Barcelona" like I’m supposed to do. Whatever.

All that’s fine, but if I had been afforded a direct line of communication to David Coleman or Brian Moore when I was a young wannabe, I think I would have made better use of it than merely flinging insults and cheap shots. I’m going to start a site for people interested in sports broadcasting - see the 'I need your help' link above. Nothing grander than that.

I’d like to put those of you wanting to pursue suitable media courses in touch with colleges and universities. I want to find opportunities in hospital, community and local radio for media students. I’d aim to create an (intelligent?) forum on where ‘modern’ commentary should be going. I’ll encourage colleagues to join in the debate.

Criticism doesn’t have to be constructive. I can be crass, condescending, patronising, scornful, pompous, unfunny and plain wrong, and deserve to be told so when I am. But I’m trying not to be!

I’m actually attempting to inform and accompany visions of the world’s greatest game. And, yes, I need all the help I can get!

And just maybe I can help one or two of you really ‘follow me', if you’re interested! 


  1. I was the same with Twitter, i didnt really understand or see the point in it. It just seemed very me,me,me look at me i know him and you don't!! When i started tweeting a few weeks ago this was confirmed, it is like that!

    It seemed that people don't want to know you unless you know someone "better" than them. It's like a big game of top trumps. That said, i have now embraced Twitter and use it as a tool to try and drive traffic to my football blog and to try and get to know people within the media cirlce in which i would love to work.

    Ryan Murrant

  2. Fantastic idea Clive. I'd be very interested in joining.

  3. For what little it's worth Clive, this random stranger has enjoyed your tweeting so far and hopes you keep it up so we can continue to get nuggets of info that you wouldn't want to/be allowed to say on microphone.

  4. Fantastic idea, Clive.

    It is encouraging to know that someone like yourself is keen to help out the broadcasters of tomorrow.

    I have just completed a sports journalism degree and am excited about a career in this sector.

  5. A very good and genuine idea, Clive. I'll watch this space.
    Regarding Twitter, I only started yesterday as I've always been sceptic about this way of communication. Facebook seems to be much more friendly. On the other hand, I found your blog thanks to your twitter account :)